All willing seekers of spirituality over eighteen years of age are welcome to learn to meditate in the Sahaj Marg system, without distinction of race, religion, gender, age, education, culture etc.

SRCM has a network of prefects in cities, towns and villages throughout India. Prefects can provide information and introduce people to the practice. They themselves practise Sahaj Marg meditation and have been trained to provide ongoing support to others. They meet with abhyasis (spiritual aspirants) regularly for one-to-one meditation sessions, and to give guidance and support where necessary. They also conduct group meditations, where people can gather together to meditate in silence.

There are many ashrams and centres throughout the Indian subcontinent, where abhyasis gather to meditate and also share their experiences and ideas. As Sahaj Marg is a system suited to family life, children are welcome. Most centres have bookstores, where the literature of the Masters of Sahaj Marg can be found. For information on finding an ashram or centre near to you, go to Find a Centre.

Annually, many thousands of people from around the world gather together in India to celebrate the birth anniversaries of the gurus of the Sahaj Marg tradition, which are major international celebrations in India, providing a wonderful opportunity for human integration.

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