Chennai Floods 2015

The natural calamity that struck Chennai in the first week of December 2015 is unprecedented in over 100 years of Chennai’s history. Many families have been badly affected.

The damage to Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s world headquarters in Manapakkam is unparalleled. The time, efforts and costs involved are huge. It will be a long winding road before we return back to normal. To this effect, SRCM has officially set up a donation page, as indicated below. We request everyone to join hands and support in this effort.

We are in need of a lot of volunteer effort in this humungous rebuilding process. We require electrical and plumbing skilled workers and at least 150 able-bodied volunteers for cleaning and restoration work.

Whether you wish to volunteer or make a donation, any effort on your part will help us immensely in restoring our Manapakkam facility to normal.

About Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) is a charitable organisation registered as a Society in the year 1945. SRCM is a worldwide organisation with members across 100+ countries and its world headquarters is located at Manapakkam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

SRCM has also formally been associated as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) since 2005, and has also partnered with many schools, colleges and corporates to provide the Heartfulness outreach program on relaxation and meditation, as a free public service.

Since its founding, SRCM has provided a platform for spiritual and practical living. Every day, in hundreds of centres worldwide, individuals from all walks of life – nationalities, religious backgrounds, social and economic circumstances – come together, transcending boundaries in an atmosphere of love, trust and brotherhood.

SRCM achieves this unity of purpose by offering a simple and practical method of heart-based meditation without charge to all those who are interested.

Services Offered

Instruction in Relaxation and Meditation:

Instructors provide introductory instruction on relaxation and meditation, ongoing individual and group meditation sessions, and regular seminars and one-on-one support to all those who are interested over fifteen years of age.

Group Meditations:

Practitioners meet and meditate together in their local areas. Meditation centres offer space to relax and meditate, as well as training and conference rooms, and a large body of published materials – books, audio tapes, videos and DVDs – for further study and guidance.

Retreat Centres and Meditation Halls:

There are many meditation halls and centres around the world to accommodate the growing number of spiritual seekers and those wishing to add spiritual values to their lives. Many offer overnight accommodation for members and welcome facilities for visitors.

Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam:

The ashram in Manapakkam, Chennai, that was so badly damaged by the floods, is the world headquarters of the organisation, and one of the largest and most beautiful of the ashrams. It has a magnificent meditation hall that can hold around 10,000 people for group meditation. Meditation is free of charge and open to the public.

The ashram also offers free accommodation for those who apply and register to stay, a library containing some of the greatest texts on spirituality and self-development from around the world, free meals and regular seminars to support the practice of meditation.

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